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Submitted Publications


Bodnar, S. & Joshi, P. (2023). NYC June 7 Wildfire Smoke Event: A Snap Survey. Under review.

Past Publications

Alavi, S., O'Neill, P., Bitensky, D., Liaqat, A., Huertas-Trujillo, M., & Bodnar, S. (2023). Nature's role in positive youth development and as a protective factor against adverse childhood experiences. Journal of Ecopsychology, (3)5. 

Bodnar, S. (2023). Introduction to the Special Issue: A Collaborative Definition of Ecotherapy. Ecopsychology, 15(3).

Bodnar, S., Aljovin, P., O’Neill, P., Alavi, S., Gamoran, J., Liaqat, A., Bitensky, D., Bi, H., Grella, E., Kiefer, M., Morenberg, L., O’Leary, C., Yadav, P., & Wasret, A. (2023). The environment as an object relationship: A two-part study.  Ecopsychology, 15(2).

Joshi, P., Curtis, E., Redifer, K., Schmidt, S., Maxwell-Williams, R., Park, J., & Bodnar, S. (2023). Interpreting the Human Relationship to their Ecosystems: A Socioeconomic Lens. 

Joshi, P., O'Neill, P., & Bodnar, S. (2023). Socioeconomic Status, Climate Change, and Mental Health: An Interdisciplinary Perspective. Journal of Mental Health and Climate Change, 1(1), 30–38. 

O'Neill, P., Wu, X., Samson, C., & Bodnar, S. (2023). Nature Connection as a Predictor of Climate Activism. Sustainability and Climate Change, 16(4).

O’Neill, P., Alavi, S.H., Yadav, P., Chen, R., Teka, N., & Bodnar, S. (2023). Saving the future by looking to the past: Relationships to the environment. Journal of Ecopsychology



Alavi, S.H., & Bodnar, S. (2023, June). U.S. heatwave characteristics and firearm mortality. Poster submitted to the 2023 National Research Conference for the Prevention of Firearm-Related Harms. 

Dougalis, G. Joshi, P., Redifer, K., Grella, E., Maxwell-Williams, R., Samson, C. Schmidt, S., Bodnar, S., (May 2023). Interpreting The Human Relationship to their Ecosystems. Poster presented at the 2023 Institute of Psychological Science and Practice (IPSP) Conference. 


Joshi, P., O'Neill, P., Bodnar, S., (February 2023). Socioeconomic Status, Climate Change, and Mental Health: An Interdisciplinary Perspective. Poster presented at The 2023 Summit on Mental Health and Climate Change.

Liaqat, A., Teka, N., Bodnar, S., (February 2023). The Environment as an Object Relationship: Implications for Public Policy. Workshop presented at the 2023 Summit on Mental Health and Climate Change. 

Alavi, S.H., & Bodnar, S. (2022, July). Nature connectedness as a protective factor for positive youth development. Poster presented at the Society for Research in Child Development 2023 Biennial Meeting.


Alavi, S.H. (2022, June). Positive education and positive youth development frameworks for preventing gun violence. Poster presented at the 2022 National Research Conference on Firearm Injury Prevention. 

Bodnar, S. ( May 2022) Building Ecosystems: Toward an Epistemology of Science and Group Process in Writing about the Environment.  New Directions Conference, Washington Baltimore Center for Psychoanalysis.

Bodnar, S. and Aljovin, P. (April 2022). The Trauma That Has Already Happened: The Effect of Environmental Generational Amnesia on Young People. Paper presented at the Spring Meeting of the Society For Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Psychology/ Division 39 of the American Psychological Association. 

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