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Yoga in Nature

Nature Stories

Urban, Wilderness, and Everything In Between

Who pays the price and who profits?

Melissa Juarez

In the wake of the pandemic, conversations across Georgia have been dominated by the worsening traffic conditions and the hotter, longer summers. The influx of migration has overflowed cities, resulting in the creation of expensive housing developments.

Nature is speaking

Candelaria Gomez-Manzano

Although I was born in Barcelona, in a cement suburb, I have learned, through time and personal experiences, to value my connection with nature's many faces. I found that watching trees and flowers and listening to birds calmed my thoughts and even brought me happiness. However, I have also heard nature's screams and felt the uneasiness of its silence.

The rivers died black


During my childhood, as I traveled by train from Oviedo to two mining towns where part of my family lived, I witnessed firsthand how human ambition and what we call progress clashed with nature.

Through the Window

Raquel Turner

Back home in Virginia, I remember having to go home for the snow in elementary school. We’d all go peer out the window and a happy sense of chaos would descend over the class.


Mayeli Contreras

I remember being small around 8 years old and how my whole world was shaped by the nature around me. My childhood bestfriend and I would constantly be outside playing and interacting with the plants and animals that surrounded my backyard and neighborhood.

Solace in Anger

Trang Dang

Every loss of life, any life, is tragic. By any life, I want to include the nonhuman. I came to discern the magnitude and severity of these losses in my early 20s.

A Touch of Home


I was in California during my undergrad. That was my first trip to the beach after moving away from China. Upon seeing the ocean, I realized that my hometown was far away, but just across the whole Pacific Ocean.

One Autumn Away

Noura Albreiki

I grew up in the UAE, a country well known for its lack of distinct seasons. It is predominantly hot and dry during most months. In the remaining months, we experience a relatively mild winter which we thoroughly cherish and enjoy.

My Chennai: Where Scraps Become Seeds and Trash Trucks Sing

Manasa Prabhakar

I grew up in Chennai, a vibrant city in India. My house had a big backyard, like a green haven in the middle of the busy city. We never threw away leftover food. Instead, we put it in the soil, where it helped plants grow strong and healthy.

Changing for the Worse


I grew up in a little coastal town along the south shore of Massachusetts. My family still lives there, and as a proud New Englander, I frequently return for visits!

Lebanon 1998

Mary Moussa-Rogers

It was 1998, I was in my sister’s room, and she was showing me pictures of her trip to Lebanon from that summer. Her first trip with our uncle, grandparents, and cousins.

Goldilocks Planet: 7 Poems on Ecological Disaster

David Shaddock

These poems, all sonnets, are from a forthcoming book entitled "Tehachapi Pass." Let's call this selection "Goldilocks Planet." My poems have appeared in Mother Jones, Tikkun and Earth First! Journal.
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