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One Autumn Away

A case submitted by

Noura Albreiki

I grew up in the UAE, a country well known for its lack of distinct seasons. It is predominantly hot and dry during most months. In the remaining months, we experience a relatively mild winter which we thoroughly cherish and enjoy. We eagerly wait every year for the colder months to begin so we can enjoy all the wonders of the outdoors, from camping in the desert to hiking in our mountainous terrains. We even revel in simple activities such as our ability to finally be able to dine outdoors, or to take a walk by the beach. These precious five months always seem to pass us by too fast, and in no time, we find ourselves confining ourselves in air conditioned spaces, and being more sedentary than ever. After spending 4 months in NYC back in 2021 (September to December), I experienced my first autumn season which was nothing short of a magical experience. I only used to hear of autumn in books and movies, not thinking much of it. Autumn is a season between summer and winter, and is characterized by the falling of leaves and comfortably cool, crisp weather. Upon the arrival of fall, we see vivid yellow, red and orange colored trees scattered all over the city. And even more exciting is the sea of fall foliage that one is able to witness by driving a few hours outside of the city. I went to Bear Mountains at peak fall foliage where I was engulfed in the radiant hues of fall. We hiked up the mountain to the peak, and admired the opaquely colored trees that were grouped into clouds of red, yellow, orange, and green. I have one more fall to experience while living in NYC. After leaving, I am afraid I will remember and crave the fiery reds, burnt oranges, and sunlit yellows that cover the trees and ground every passing autumn season.


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