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A Touch of Home

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I was in California during my undergrad. That was my first trip to the beach after moving away from China. Upon seeing the ocean, I realized that my hometown was far away, but just across the whole Pacific Ocean. I couldn't stop thinking about it. I had the distinct impression that I had left my home at that point. However, I had the unexpected feeling that I wasn't as far from home as I had assumed when I touched the sea. I started to imagine that my thoughts could travel to the opposite side of the Pacific Ocean via water when I touched it. The water was warm and comfortable.

Since then, I visit the beach to relax and experience the warmth of the waves whenever I'm homesick. I believe that the environment can express my ideas, and I think the wind and water can carry my feelings. So for me, the interaction with nature is very meaningful. It makes me feel connected and at peace with the world around me.


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