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Adapting to Korea's Evolving Environment

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Growing up in South Korea, my childhood was a tapestry woven with the colors of diverse seasons and vibrant outdoor activities. Our family outings were a blend of hiking adventures in the picturesque mountains, leisurely picnics by crystal-clear streams, and explorations of Korea's rich landscapes.

However, a recent realization has dawned upon me – the landscape of Korea is undergoing a transformation due to the impacts of climate change. The once-predictable seasons are giving way to unpredictable shifts, altering the very essence of the natural world I knew. The emerging generation is growing up in an environment vastly different from my own, increasingly confined to indoor spaces like malls and gaming arcades. This stark contrast to my outdoor-filled childhood raises concerns. Adding to the challenge are issues like fine dust and sandstorms, discouraging outdoor activities and altering the quality of the air we breathe. It is imperative that we collectively acknowledge and address these challenges, working together to overcome the effects of climate change and striving towards a future where sustainability takes precedence in shaping the landscapes for the generations to come.


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