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Chasing Nature's Trails in City Life

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By the time I turned 13, I had attended six different schools, moving incessantly due to my father's transferable job. The constant relocation exposed me to both the tranquility of a small town and the hustle of a concrete jungle. I vividly recall my playground evolving from vast open grounds to the confines of a small concrete school gym. 

Spending eight formative years in a small town immersed in lush greenery became an integral part of my childhood. Weekend getaways meant going to the nearby mountains, rivers, and forests, all within an hour's reach. However, as I grew older, these nature escapes lessened, leaving me with a lingering yearning for that connection. 

Even amidst the bustling city life, my desire for nature remains strong. I find solace in the memories of running through fields, taking dips in the ocean, and even enduring the motion sickness on journeys to the mountains—a quintessential part of the experience. This deep-seated connection with nature made my relocation to NYC a hesitant one, and also the reason why I try to visit Central Park every nice sunny weekend.


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