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En Abril, Aguas Mil

A case submitted by

Andrea Viteri Fernandez

I am sharing my story because climate change has touched all corners of Earth, even small countries like mine that contribute less towards it. My story could create consciousness in others' actions.  

"En abril, aguas mil" is a common saying in my city. A similar comparison to English is "April showers bring May flowers." No matter the language, it says it rains a lot in April.  

By being located on the coast of Ecuador, Guayaquil does not have significantly different seasons. The year is only divided between rainy and not rainy seasons.  

I have never been a fan of rain and even less of thunderstorms. After hearing the first thunder that annotated the storm, I recall running towards any company since I was small. Yet, my fear dissipated with age as I understood it was only Mother Nature.  

Last year was the first time I have been in Guayaquil for the rainy season in more than four years. We all know the rain in April is terrible, but nothing prepared me, not even my memories.  

Day after day, it was only thunderstorms. The thunders were so loud that we could not sleep because they would wake us from our profound dreams. Not only that, my house would shake as they hit the ground; I had never experienced that while growing up.  

Friends and family would send messages to any chat. Nobody could remember when thunderstorms turned this bad.  

This is just the beginning of climate change becoming more prevalent in my city. It is through the rumble of thunder.


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