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The Long Lost Snowy Days

A case submitted by

Paritosh Joshi

My name is Paritosh Joshi, and I grew up in the Chicagoland area. I'm currently a student at Columbia University studying Clinical Psychology.  

When I was younger, I recall playing in the snow and enjoying the snowfalls. In fact, part of my childhood was experiencing snow days from school or being stuck inside because of the cold weather conditions.  

Nowadays, it seems like the snowy past is a distant memory. When I went home recently, it snowed a couple times (even though this occurred after Christmas!). I realized that I missed the snow and that winter had gotten warmer. All of a sudden, my childhood memories of lying in the snow could not be so easily re-created.  

Moreover, even when it does snow, it can be so cold that going outside is dangerous. In my mind, what use is having snow if it cannot be fully enjoyed?


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