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Winter Story

A case submitted by

Luping Wang

I spent a considerable amount of time studying in Dongbei, China, one of the coldest places I have experienced during winter, yet it held its beauty. Residing in the suburbs, the winter days in Dongbei were marked by extremes. One moment, you would find yourself reveling in the snowy roads, bathed in the sunshine that danced through the woods; the next, you were enduring winds that felt like a knife against your face. Despite these challenges, I still loved the winters and the natural environmental changes they brought.  

During that period, I did not have many friends, so I devoted a significant portion of my time to a public park just a block away from my residence. This small park featured a couple of swings, a basketball hoop, and a few benches, its entry covered by numerous trees, making it a perfect escape from the real world. The park held a special allure, especially during the winter when it was less frequented by others.  

Reading and listening to music in the park on a sunny winter day became one of my favorite pastimes. I vividly recall spending a Christmas day there, lying on a bench with closed eyes, surrounded by the quiet and peaceful ambiance. The trees next to the bench skillfully covered the sun, creating a therapeutic place.  

Years later, upon revisiting Dongbei on another sunny winter day, I insisted on returning to the park that had been a sanctuary for me. However, as I lay down at the spot where I had spent countless hours, the sun got into my eyes, and as I felt a bit of difference, I discovered the trees were gone. Upon closer inspection, I realized that the swings were cleared for commercial reconstruction, and there was a sign not far from where I stood indicating that this area would soon be developed into a commercial space.  

This moment was when I realized how much nature meant to me and how I had neglected the spaces that nurture us. I write to raise awareness about our planet, our home, as this experience underscored the importance of preserving such spaces. Let us collectively strive to protect and appreciate the environments that contribute to our well-being.


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