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Nature Stories Submission Terms

I understand that my story will be shared on a public website and may be used by researchers as they try to write about the human relationship to their environments.

The stories, videos, or photos I share are of my own creation, and I have sole ownership of them and exclusive rights to share them. 

In donating my materials to Teachers College for the Nature Stories Project, I acknowledge and agree to transfer all rights, titles, and interest in the materials, allowing TC discretionary use for purposes such as exhibition, digitization, and research; I further grant TC the authority to dispose of any materials not selected for permanent retention and, regarding copyright, I irrevocably assign all copyrights to TC regardless of the copyright choice, I provide TC with an irrevocable non-exclusive royalty-free worldwide perpetual license for discretionary uses; and I affirm my sole ownership of the materials, representing accuracy in the provided information. TC accepts this gift on behalf of the DEW Lab with appreciation and agrees to the conditions stated above.

I am 18 years or older and confirm that the views I share in my story are my own. If I am not 18 years or older, I have parental permission to submit my story and have provided my parent’s email address on the form.

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